Most of the ladies today are facing the same issue-how to find a bag which is on one side practical and good quality on the other side.

We are giving you solution with the bags from Pastime Collection.

They are very funny and original. Sale is going though Mobile Prints site which is secure and reliable. Available in three dimensions (13″x 13″,16″x 16″, 18″ x 18″) and price is in the range 27,25 $-30,25 $ (including delivery).

If you are interested in some of them, click on the link below picture.




As Valentine’s day is approaching, male part of the world is facing a serious issue: how to choose right gift for their ladies. In this article we will try to help you with some tips.

In order to fascinate your partner, your gift should satisfy two conditions: it has to be original and practical. Somoene will say that both conditions cannot be met and that they are even contradictory. But it is really possible.

Everyone knows that the bag is something that each lady has and goes nowhere without it. Each lady has even several bags for different occasions and different pieces of the  clothe. Each time when laddies have some spare money which they can spend in shopping, bags are on the top of the priorities.

But, as all other products, in the modern time bags also became subject of the mass production. If you buy bag in your city shopping center, as you leave the shop, it is very probably that you will see several ladies with the same one. Even if you buy it in another city or another country, fashion is usually the same all over the world.

But, what you think about the quality bag which is not made in too big series and which is on the other side very practical and with nice design?

Pastime Collection offers you very simple solution with four models of the bag. Those bags are made from poly-poplyn, and have design which gives possibility to combine it with wide range of the clothe. And, the most important, after you give this gift, your lady will get feeling of distinctiveness, and it will indicate her that you were choosing gift carefully.

They are sold through the site Mobileprints, which is very safe, reliable and secured.

Bags are done in three sizes (13″x 13″,16″x 16″, 18″ x 18″). Price is in the range (dependent on the size) 27,25 $-30,25 $ per bag, including shipment.

In this article you can see images of them. If you are interested in some of them, just click on the name of the model  below the image, and you will get the details about the purchase.